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Areas of Expertise:

Depression is one of the most common problems I see in my practice. According to the
National Institute of Mental Health, about 15 million adult Americans experience clinical
depression in any given year, and this number does not include those who have milder
forms of depression.  Whether you are feeling a little "blue" or are struggling with more
severe symptoms of depression, therapy can be helpful to bring about change and relief.

Another common issue which brings people to counseling is anxiety.  Anxiety may be
triggered by specific situations or fears, or it may manifest as a more general pattern of
worry or rumination.  I utilize concrete cognitive-behavorial skills to help my clients reduce
anxiety symptoms while also using a psychodynamic approach to explore and resolve
the underlying causes of the anxiety.

We live in a stressful world in stressful times.  There is an increasing sense of pressure,
complexity, and overload. Individuals across the lifespan are feeling tremendous stress,
which is contributing to a variety of mental and physical health problems.  I have extensive
training and experience in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and can help you to learn
and implement life-changing
stress-reduction skills.   

Couples & Relationships
For couples or individuals who are having difficulty with communication, trust, intimacy, or
resolving conflicts, counseling helps you understand problematic patterns, learn more
helpful strategies for relating to
others, and solve the issues that are preventing you from
having the relationship
s you want.   

Students & Young Adults
I have significant experience working with students both at the University of Southern
California and at San Francisco State University.  Having worked with adolescents and  
young adults for more than ten years, I deeply enjoy counseling this group of individuals
during a
n important and formative time in their development.  

Mindfulness & Somatic Therapy
Mindfulness and somatic therapy emphasize awareness and present moment experience,
and are holistically oriented approaches which integrate the mental, emotional, spiritual and
physical aspects of each of us. Having practiced and taught meditation for over ten years, I
bring significant experience to clients who are looking for an integrative therapy.

Other Areas of Focus & Commonly Treated Mental Health Issues:
Depression ~ Stress ~ Anxiety ~ Fears ~ Anger ~ Self-Defeating Patterns ~ Relationship Problems
Family Issues ~ Social / Interpersonal Problems ~ Trauma ~ Grief & Loss ~ Life Transitions
Career / Work-Related Issues ~ Self-Esteem ~ Personal Growth