Individual Therapy:
For adolescents, young adults and adults, psychotherapy is a collaborative process that facilitates awareness,
exploration, insight, understanding, and ultimately change. There are a multitude of reasons people seek the
help of a therapist. Some need to talk about worries, painful emotions or stressful situations, while others seek
self-exploration and personal growth. Therapy provides you support, insight, and increased coping skills for
issues such as depression, anxiety,
self-confidence, relationship problems, family issues, bereavement,
spiritual/existential matters, stress management, or concerns regarding school, work or other st
can help you to reduce problems or symptoms as well as identify and remove obstacles to growth.
Psychotherapy opens up opportunities for healthier and more authentic ways of thinking, relating, & being.         
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Couples Counseling:
For couples who are having difficulty with communication, trust, intimacy,
or resolving conflicts.  Couples counseling helps you understand
problematic patterns, learn more helpful strategies for relating to
your partner, and solve the issues that are preventing you from having
the relationship you want.   

Mindfulness-Based Therapy:
For individuals or couples who are seeking a mind-body approach and
more present-centered awareness.  Mindfulness practice is being
increasingly employed in the field of psychology to alleviate a variety of
mental and physical conditions.  Mindfulness training helps you with
stress management and overall health and wellness, and may also
provide you greater clarity, acceptance, compassion and happiness.

Wellness & Life Coaching:
For adolescents and adults, one-on-one coaching offers support and guidance to help you determine and
achieve personal or professional goals.  It is different than psychotherapy in that the focus is not on the
treatment of mental or emotional disorders, but rather on learning new skills and behaviors for growth and
maximizing your potential.  It is a goal and action-oriented process where you obtain
helpful tools and build on
your natural strengths.  Types of coaching available include: general, wellness, performance,
business/career, and spiritual.    

Training & Consultation:
For companies or organizations looking to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees or members,
Andrew can provide individual consultations and/or group trainings and classes, emphasizing wellness,
mindfulness skills, healthy lifestyle, stress-reduction, and self-care.
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