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Reap What We Sow

by Andrew Shaw on Oct.25, 2010, under Recent Posts

A friend of mine, for a long time, was living a life he didn’t enjoy, and was caught in a string of negativity.  He wasn’t making good choices for his life.  And his actions seemed to just reinforce the miserable situation.  He wasn’t taking good care of himself; not eating right, not exercising, drinking too much, not getting enough rest.  His mind was always turning toward the negative and cynical.  He seemed to be continuously operating from a point of defensiveness and if he was wronged, he’d attack back.  He didn’t like his job, didn’t like where he lived, didn’t like the people he hung out with.  

A friend of mine also recently quit the job that was bringing him much unhappiness.  He decided to embrace uncertainty rather than stay safe in misery.  This initial choice led to a series of other new choices; he cut back on his drinking, he started going to yoga classes, he moved to Hawaii for six months to surf and work on a farm, he became a vegetarian, he started to cultivate a more positive outlook, and his once grey thoughts and attitude brightened. 

 The intersting thing is that these “two friends” are really one in the same.  One person, who changed everything one day, when he made a different choice and altered the very course of his existance.   

Every action has a reaction, every choice a consequence.  If we are seeking happiness and well-being, and want good things to enter into our lives, we must pay attention to the quality of our choices and actions.  To create happiness in our lives, we must learn to sow the seeds of happiness.  To create health and wellness, we must sow the seeds of health and wellness.  To create love, we must sow the seeds of love. 

This requires conscious choice-making and right action.  We have to be aware of the choices we make in the moment.  And we can ask ourselves, “what are the consequences of this choice that I’m making?”  “Will this choice and this action bring about happiness to me and to those affected by this choice?”  “Will this choice or action bring me better health and wellness?” “Will this choice bring about greater peace and love?”

If the answer to these questions is yes, and you feel a strong sense of goodness and ease in your heart, then it is the right choice and the right course of action.  You can use these questions as a guide, remembering to be aware, fully conscious about the impact of your actions and the significance of your choices.

Be Well

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