Services For Your Mental and Emotional Health

A Deep Well
Glendale, CA
Psychotherapy and counseling for individuals, couples or families.
Addressing a variety of mental health concerns, distress, and life problems
such as:
Stress and Anxiety
Relationship problems
Difficulties with social/interpersonal functioning
Grief and Loss
Life Transitions
Work and Career issues
Personal Growth

Life Coaching and Wellness Counseling
In addition to professional psychotherapy, we offer life coaching to help
you determine and achieve personal goals, and wellness counseling
focusing on life enrichment, stress-reduction and mindfulness training.

Stress-Reduction Workshops
Ten week class providing mindfulness/awareness training, various guided
meditations and other helpful techniques for reducing stress and
increasing relaxation and well-being.  The program will help you to learn
and integrate mindfulness into your everyday life; to grow, heal, and live
life more fully.  
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